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Frequently Asked Questions

Having second thoughts? Or have an dire question to ask us? Hope this page helps!

Empire Luggage FAQs

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I. Luggage Repairs

We currently do NOT offer luggage repair services. However, we CAN help unlock your luggage if your TSA lock is locked; please reach out to us before bringing luggage to our store.

II. Warranty

Each item you purchased from us are covered with the brand / manufacture's warranty.

We, the Empire Luggage Center Inc. store do not offer warranty  for the products that we sell.

Please go to the brand's website and search for assistance prior coming to us.

III. Luggage Storage

We are currently partnered with Radical Storage and Bounce as our luggage storage partners. 

We are able to hold the item(s) purchased for you as in-store pickup as well. People always do their shopping within the SoHo areas and come back to our store to fill up their luggage. 


IV. NYC Local Delivery

For our native New Yorkers, we do in-house delivery at a surcharge rate. Please place your order prior to our closing hours if you want it shipped to you same-day.

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